Critical Connections II: Moving Forward with Multilingual Digital Storytelling is a global project to boost 21st century literacy in schools using digital storytelling. The two-­year project (September 2015 ­ August 2017) involves researchers working with students, teachers and parents in  community-­based complementary and mainstream schools in the UK, Algeria, Luxembourg, Palestine, Taiwan and the United States as part of the multilingual programme. The project has the support of the renowned British Film Institute(BFI), British Museum, Museum of London and National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE). It will see film ­making used as a means to encourage students to engage with language learning and embrace intercultural literacy as well as digital literacy.

Critical Connections II builds on the work of CCI (2012-2014) and the resources created can be accessed on this site including a Handbook for Teachers and a flyer presenting the research findings as well as a film directory linked to our new book Multilingual Digital Storytelling: Engaging creatively and critically with literacy published by Routledge in March 2016.

This project uses Kannu which is a new online platform developed by Kadenze specifically for the arts and creative technology. Kannu enables media-­rich online interactions and critical engagement with digital technology. It allows students to share their digital stories, peer assess and complete a reflective journal at key stages in the filmmaking process.

In CCII students are creating bilingual digital stories around the theme of fairness. Films from each project school will be shown at a special film awards at the BFI in June 2017 See our film taster or Book Here quick seats are going quick.


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